About me….

This is some stuff about me…

1. I’m about to graduate nursing school in December. While I’m excited, I’m also not too sure what to think about the NCLEX and lack of job prospects… Why can’t more hospitals where I want to work have winter internships? Is it too much to  ask…*sigh*

2. I have a munchkin cat. I’m very proud of this… Before people mock me, a munchkin cat is a real breed… they are cats with short legs… my kitty, named Kitty or Fred depending on the day… is a black cat who looks completely normal until she stands. Then, you see her little bitty stubs that are “legs” and you laugh and laugh at/with her. She is completely adorable and I got her for free from the pound. No one wanted her because she had “personality issues”… I have more issues than this cat and she’s so cool. She acts like a dog (which is great because I really don’t like cats that much (and no, I was never planning on getting a cat- I actually wanted a guinea pig and was too cheap to buy one)). Oh yeah, and she, like other cats of this breed, can stand up like a meercat.

3. I’m a self taught knitter, crocheter, spinner, craft person… I have a tendency to watch DIY shows and feel the urge to play…hence my new found love of wood burning, glass etching, sewing, tatting, jewelry making, polymer clay,etc. If I could sit around and do crafts all day I would soooooo do that.

 4. I’m a compulsive buyer. I like to buy stuff I don’t need…quite frequently. I also have a really high self esteem and feel I need presents all the time. I come up with the dumbest reasons to buy myself a gift… or I’ll make spending money into a noble cause (for example, when Stitch Diva had their patterns on sale and proceeds went to specific knitters in need, I felt that by buying as much as I could, I was really helping someone which made it alright).

5. I’m on the never ending quest to lose weight. I swear to God it takes for freaking ever. Luckily, I’m not going crazy doing dieting stuff and I realize that 3 month plateaus will eventually go away so I can keep on keeping on… and no matter how hard I try I know that I will never catch up to my brother who has lost a ton of weight and started four days before me… I mean honestly, he lost 105 pounds, I’ve lost 48 ish… Why couldn’t it be freaking 50? At least that’d be a cooler number!

 6. I live in Texas and I love Texas…. I say I’m born and raised here but I’m not. I was born in Missouri… I just choose to ignore it since I’ve lived in Texas since I was two…

7. I went to private schools in grade school and high school. I completely am for sending all children to private schools because of this. I swear my 8th grade english class was harder than the one I took my sophomore year of college….and all my high school math/science classes were harder than my university’s.

8. This site is called Fleece of Heroes because my brother made it up… We were bored, I needed a name and we were talking about Heroes… I really do love that show. Needless to say, it was between this or Spun like a Horse… which my brother decided he’d use if he ever needed a site of his own for crafts. (Granted he’d have to learn said crafts…and last time I tried to teach him to knit it was like trying to teach a 2 year old.)

9. I’m 21 years old which means I can legally drink… I also live in a dry county right now which means alcohol is expensive in restaurants and I have to drive 30 minutes (at least) if I want some booze… Luckily, my birthday stash is still well stocked thanks to my friends and brother. It only needs to last me till Dec. 14 and then I’ll be back in a wet county anyways so ha!

 10. I really enjoy talking about myself. And yes, I do realize that no one cares but still… deep down inside I have the feeling someone may actually read this one day and who am I to deprive them of knowing all about me.



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