Yay me!

I got a job! *Does the happy dance* Also I finally untangled my mess of lace yarn that made me put my mystery stole 3 aside for oh so many months… Now I’m working on clue 2 again and I’ve made a mistake yet I don’t really care at the moment to fix it. Hence a design feature. If it were horribly obvious I’d have fixed it but heck, I couldn’t even find it at first. 

Now, if anyone is bored they should head over to Fine Martial Fiber. She is currently having a blog contest that helped me kill time…Granted the last day to submit is today, but you have till midnight and she has plenty of clues so you can at least guess. Go try!

Lastly, I’ve actually been working on some dying and spinning lately…. and took pictures!

This is Lincoln Longwool…It was the Spunky Eclectic monthly fiber club for August called Harvest. We have a love hate relationship going on…kind of itchy but so shiny (which surprised the crud out of me!). Have no clue what to do with it… it is a single spun thick and thin…

 After this lovely spinning I’m addicted to Merino/Tencel blends… so soft, so shiny, so slippery. Its 2 ply worsted weight…very quick and lovely spin…This was Spunky Eclectic’s September fiber in Aspen… It is so gorgeous in person… I’m a crappy photographer.


 Next we have the dying experiments… I got home from school felt the urge to not study so I did this instead… The roving I am making some yarn for a teacher… maybe I’ll make something out of the yarn too but who knows. It isn’t that bright but it is pretty bright… It has a mix of oranges and yellows which she loves but I am not so fond of…Needless to say the spinning is going slowly. The yarn is the Sarah’s yarns equivalent of kidsilk haze… I used icing dyes since I had them on hand and used teal, royal blue, and black. I wanted the black because it actually splits to purple and green which is what I

wanted. It looks icky here but reskeined it came out perfect with subtle color changes and variations and *sigh* so pretty.

Granted, once again this picture doesn’t show the shiny lovely gorgeousness of it all… It looks bland on the computer but it really isn’t… plus its fuzzy which makes me happy.


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