One more left…

One more lovely final left and I’ll be able to post more often! Yay! Then I graduate on Friday and start studying for the exam of my life…luckily it shouldn’t be for a while so I’ll have time to study. On the knitting front I started a couple of new things… I know I shouldn’t have but it is finals which makes me start new projects. I’m working on a Quant from the knew knitty with the aspen homespun from below… I actually have a picture of it… granted, I took it on my busy/messy desk so please excuse that. I also started a flower dishcloth for no reason other than it looked cute. And I made a fugly cozy for a coffee mug or a really warm wristwarmer…it serves both functions well…It was an experiment and I decided that I didn’t really like it much so while it was a quick 15 minute project it came out a bit ugly for me to make for a quick gift.

 Anywho, here’s a picture of the Quant in progress…sorry bout the weird angle…


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