So, yeah.

So I’m doing my first ever swap! Finally a chance for me to spend money on someone else and get something back that is just as cool and a complete surprise! I’m giddy, my money is screaming to be spent and I got my person to spoil. I’m way too excited about buying stuff for another person… Anyways, as I was stalking my person’s blog and ravelry pages, I realized I should probably start posting more on my blog and ravelry pages so my person isn’t totally clueless about me. I kind of anwsered the questions crappily on the survey and I like pretty much everything so all in all the poor person who has me will have a vague sense that I’m easy to please and that’s it. I’ll work on that.

Since I’ve officially moved back home, I finally decided to get my junk together… Somehow I have to combine my full room with my full apartment in a tiny space and apparently I need to do a complete sweep of things to keep and give away. (I also need to figure out how to combine my two stashes I piled up, my college stash and my home stash. Both way too big and I really should stop buying yarn but what can I say, I’m an addict who enjoys buying herself presents). Now, I’m moving my entire room around which will create a better space for all my crafts and my sewing machine. Granted what I really want to do is put pictures up online of my stash and projects for my swap person… Luckily it isn’t too hard for me to resist right now since I haven’t set up my computer which has my camera’s program to upload the pictures and I’m too lazy to put it on the laptop. I think that will be my goal for tonight.

 Till whenever


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