Stupid beep

I’m sitting on my bed…knitting and reading fanfiction (my guilty pleasure that I’d die without) when out of the blue this electronic beep goes off… in one minute it will happen again. It has been happening all day….every three minutes there is a beep. I can’t find the source regardless of how often I look and at first I thought it was in my head. But no, it really is there. It is just going off and slowly ripping apart my sanity. The bad thing is that one minute it will be in one section of the room and the next time it goes off it will be in another part of the room. I don’t have any moving electronics in my room so all I can think is that the beep is just there to annoy me. I made my brother sit in my room for three minutes just to listen to it (to verify I am not a complete crazy!) He was being a butt though… all he did was giggle at me the whole time and laugh at my inner dialogue that I apparently was rambling aloud. Stupid beep…


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