Stuff I like…

I decided in case the person who has me needs to know more about me because I was rather generic, I’d put stuff about me that I like here.

Colors: I love blues, greens, purples, browns, etc…basically cool and neutral colors. Those are my favorite! However I still love bright neon colors, rich jewel tones, earthy colors, heathered colors, and warm tones… there are few colors I don’t like. I also like colors that go together. Two of my favorite combos are red/white/black and then bright green/blue/pink/purple/black. I love those colors mixed together.

Animals: I love penguins. I’m a penguin freak… I don’t know when that happened but it did. I also love the weird animals of the world (hence why I have a munchkin cat). I like bats, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, chinchillas, alpacas, butterflies, etc. I also like those hairless cats… I think they are so ugly that they are adorable. I saw a picture of one hiding under a bed and it looked like an evil gremlin… I really wanted to buy it but $950 for a cat is a bit much. Mine was free so my munchkin will do for me XD

Things that make me smile: a great shopping trip, getting mail (any kind), being able to find exactly what I want in my room, fanfiction, tv shows, watching movies, playing with animals

Favorite things to knit: really complicated patterns, toys, scarfs, hats, mittens, I like socks, lace etc… I don’t make many garments because they would be huge and since a goal of mine is to lose weight, they wouldn’t fit for long anyways thus making it a waste… then again, I could just make it a size or two small and work to wearing it.

Things I collect: Trolls (yes those old dolls with the hair… I’ve had them for ages…and many of them), bobble heads (I don’t know how that one started….), yarn, trashy romance novels, DVDs (I love movies!), TV Series (I have over 20 seasons of shows….maybe over 30 seasons… I love sales, have I mentioned that?)

5 Things I couldn’t live without:

  • My Joss Whedon stuff (Covers Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity *sigh* I love Buffy and Spike)                                             
  • BBCAmerica (Why don’t I live where the good shows are? Yay Doctor Who and Torchwood and Robin Hood and My Family and Catherine Tate and and….)
  • My Family and friends (includes pets of course… and no this list isn’t in the right order I realize this)
  • Fanfiction and Fanart (Where all my dreams can come true…It is a sad addiction but makes me smile)
  • Music (I love music… I love any music… I love hearing new music, old music, sad music, fun music. Songs with words or instrumentals… My style is very eclectic and I’m always up for new things. )

Number one thing I type:   …I mean really…as if you didn’t notice the ab1undance of …

 Favorite Fiber: Toss up… I love Merino, Alpaca, Silk, Bamboo, Tencel blends… Yummy

That should help my partner XD


One response to “Stuff I like…

  1. Just had to pop over here from Ravelry and say that your munchkin cat rocks … she looks absolutely adorable!

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