Ever had one of those days? The kind of day where you know you have tons to do but don’t do a thing…that was today. And heck, probably tomorrow XD! What I need to be doing is getting my butt in gear and studying for boards….what have I been doing? Well… I’ve been really good at casting on and off for projects! I made my swap partner a dishcloth that was an interesting idea. It had my first bobble and I did it crappily (in my opinion) so I just wasn’t happy. Needless to say, I cast on for a small scarf thing. More like an ascot (I think that is what they are called.) I saw it in their Ravelry queue so I made it for them in Malabrigo….As I was making it, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it but to tell you the truth the thing grew on me. I now get why someone would make one. It is quick, cute, and took less than half of my ball of yarn. Not bad… so I think my swap package is complete. The only thing I don’t have in it is a pattern because I hate picking out patterns for people. What if they already have it or what if they don’t like it? It is a vicious cycle…

Other knitting things…. I’m almost done with my first sock for one of my test knitting project… I have such monster feet it is scary. I never realized how huge my feet were until I started making myself socks. Then the other pair I’m test knitting I got the yarn in the mail the other day. It is interesting…I’ve never used yarn with elastic in it and the texture is interesting. I’m working on the foot of that sock.

 Tomorrow I so need to work on school stuff…and do laundry. But I also need to spin up some yarn…. I guess I need to set priorities (yarn XD I mean, come on… It is for a birthday gift and I have a theme in my head and I need to get most of it done a month in advance so I don’t go all crazy).

Hope anyone who sees this has a good day! Ciao


2 responses to “Sigh.

  1. Hope you had a great day. Sorry it’s taken me a couple days to get back to you on my contest but that you very much for sharing your parents story. You could have just told me how you met your kitty and I would have loved that and given you an entry either way. 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!

    From my pups to your kitty!

  2. Hope that last comment made it if not it’s from me and I hope you are having a good day and

    happy Valentine’s day from my pups to you r kitty!!

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