3 months

Ok, so it has been three months…but I’ll admit, I was actually busy and doing stuff in that three months. Work wise, I passed boards making me an official RN and I’ve been cut off orientation so I’m all by myself in the dark scary workforce. (It really can be terrifying). I also am now on night shift which means on days off like today, or rather nights off, I can get extremly bored. I should clean but nah… I have decided to spin, knit play on ravelry, buy stuff, watch television. Needless to say, I will probably be posting more here to do something in the future. Problem is, I need a new camera or somehow need to figure out how to take better pictures with mine. I’ve been trying to take a good picture of one thing for like a month and I guess I’m just stupid.

So I know  the real question is, why am I on this thing after three months….what spurred it on. Surely it wasn’t just boredom. Well, it is that time of year again…SWAP TIME! MWAHAHAHA! I love swaps… I should probably just from now on join swaps year round so my blog is always used. I’m once again uber excited and I already spent a bit more than I meant to on my partner because well… I don’t pay attention as I’m buying and then all the sudden I see the total and I’m already committed but dang!

Anyways…this was totally uninformative (sorry swap person) but hey, at least I posted! THat is one step in the rightish direction!


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