Gah! My annoying beast!

So… I was all thrilled that I was going to post again when I hear a scratching… it happens again…and then there was shaking and a loud Meow right in my ear… then a beast rubbing against the back of my head who than proceeds to sit on my shoulder like a parrot. This cat was never meant to do that… she is a chunky munchkin… which makes her dense. Well, it must not have been comfortable for her either so she decides to try to get on my chest and proceeds to make the keyboard have tons of beeps and I’m furiously trying to be quiet since everyone else is sleeping. Stupid kitty… then she finally gets comfortable and now we are at a point where I’m laying back in the desk chair, she is sleeping and getting angry at me typing… Granted, I’m only able to type because I learned in gradeschool since her huge body makes it so I can’t see the keys nor can I move my arms much… just my right arm. My left arm is falling asleep because she is a beast.

Now, if you read the above, I apologize, I tend to rant stupid stories that no one really cares about.

Anyways, so I woke up this evening at my usual don’t have to go to work time and so much has changed! Apparently, we are getting a brand new uber cool fridge/freezer and get this! The folks listened to the renter (my) request! We are so getting one with a ice thing and a water thing on the door! I don’t even no the term but it is so cool! They are getting a fancy smancy one, totally awesome! Also, they actually checked the mail for once *gasp* and the first of many packages with gifts for my swap person arrived!! I’m quite excited because I think with every gift for my person, I bought myself something too so it is way too much fun. 

I’m currently trying to figure out how to be more artsy and craftsy with for some things in the swap. I like to make and do art, but I’ll admit, I kind of suck at it. Sure my mom loves everything I do and my friends all go “That is way cool!” but they are being polite. I can tell. I’m mainly having problems trying to figure out how I want to do packaging and wrapping for some things. I’ll figure it out eventually, but still… I love sending presents but I hate sending things that don’t look cool or fun to unwrap. I’m even thinking about pulling out my sewing machine for this swap to see if I can make one last thing…who knows, I may find that I can sew straight! Hah! I can’t even cut straight (but please, if you ever see my mother walking around, don’t tell her if her hair is wavy…she had me trim it the other day and I think I did it straight but at first I had a definite slope going. I think it is ok now though.) for pictures of the beast, known as kitty (since I never did get around to naming the poor spoiled rotten thing), I had on my computer:


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