Yes, I realize I have no life

After this post, it will be official that I have no life out side of my cat and the malabrigo swap. And perhaps work. But honestly, nothing (thank goodness) has really happened that was exciting and finally the first funny thing to happen is something my cat did. And by now, if someone reading this blog doesn’t know I have a cat (which I talk about in every post I think XD, then they obviously haven’t read my drabbles). I really should name my cat for as much as I talk about her….

Anyways, I was sooooo excited today. I woke up and there was a package on my chair from Yarnzilla!!! Which means my malabrigo swap partner’s yarn arrived! It is very pretty yarn if I might say so myself but the colors don’t really go together in my opinion, but whatever! My partner wanted to see, she shall receive. So after my mom laughed at me for getting yarn in the mail and I spent an ungodly amount of money at (last purchase for a while, I swear!) I decided I should post here and say, I GOT THE YARN! I was a bit on the sad side that I had no crazy anecdotes of something cool I did when my cat crawled on me and started to suffocate me again. This time though she took it a step further and decided to sleep where my mouse is…now normally this is ok since I love keyboard short cuts and don’t use the mouse much if I can help it but I haven’t learned shortcuts to switch tabs on IE 7 so… I was stuck on a stupid forum page and I couldn’t get off.

Now, normally, the cat on the mouse would be fine but she was sleeping and it was all the way under her chunky self…so I had to go under the beast. Needless to say, the beast wasn’t happy and started to bite thinking it was a fun game (her tail is still wagging (or whatever it is cat tails do when they get all excited) I think she assumes typing is another fun game because it looks like she is about to pounce on my hands (I really should set up boundaries for the beast). So I planned my attack to get the mouse carefully and I finally got it with a mere 3 bites (no bloodshed) when the mouse lites up because it is in the air. Suddenly, the cat gets uber excited and starts ferociously attacking the mouse and trying to eat it (very ironic and not surprising). I finally got it back to the table where the light shut off and now she is just watching everything.

Wow, kind of embarrassing that I could go so far into detail about something that took place over a couple of minutes. And truely, that was the most exciting think I’ve done in a while. (With the exception of work….work is always exciting. I have seen so much since I graduated, I’m just amazed. I’m always freaking out though since I’m new, granted my patients and co workers haven’t figured that out yet.)

Um…and to make this slightly relevant, I have knit one dishcloth recently and am about to begin another? Heh, that sounded so weak. I might do a contest soon though. I figure the odds of someone winning are excellent since only one person seems to go here. I really just have this urge to send yarn or fiber to someone in the mail for no reason whatsoever.


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