I actually won something!

Lovingly made by Lasdcm (that is her etsy shop which is the only link of hers I have. Warning: you may click and feel the sudden urge to buy….it happened to me) of ravelry, lovingly stolen with permission by me:

I’m one of those happy pessimistic people…. I’m always smiling, but on the inside the glass is half empty. I talk things down so as to not build too much excitement so that when the inevitable loss happens, it was expected. (Note: this is all on the inside, on the outside I still seem all SQUEE!) Now, when I started hat attack, I was excited. I figured I’d kill someone, be killed in turn and call it a day! When a month had passed and I was still in I figured, huh…I’ll be damned. Then, when the final 7 were posted and I was on the list, I went, “Holy crap!” Then, I started to let myself get a little excited… that maybe I could possibly win (Out of sheer luck).   Then there were 5, 4, 3, and finally 2. It was between me and VeryBadDogs. I was at a point where I could do nothing but wait and it was all based on the postal system… I allowed the smallest shred of hope and then VeryBadDogs announced her hat came and I allowed myself the whoop of joy! I don’t think I’ve ever won anything this cool in my life and I was just as proud to be in the final 7!

The next day I got my hat and was declared dead to end the war… and as a treat I have pictures of the hat that killed me:

First the package…yes, is it not totally awesome!!! Thanks VeryBadDogs!!! The pom pom is removable and I’m so wearing it both ways!!

Now Me wearing the hat…and one with the snout (I had one with the snout, hat, and eyes but it was downright creepy and slightly blurry so I deleted that one)


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