Who really needs a paycheck?

So… I think I should just have part of my paycheck instantaneously go to etsy when I get it. There is something evil about that site! I go there just browsing and I end up buying things for myself and others that I don’t need but they are soooooo cool! Then I decide that I’m supporting independent artists so really, I’m doing a good deed and buying one more thing won’t hurt…it is a vicious cycle! I also bought some Craftyalien kits….the fox and the lobster. I’m knitting both, one will be a gift the other is for me.

The below is completely irrelevant to anything and may be boring: (I did warn you)

Ok so last night I was working and I have a new co-worker… I’ve worked with him about three shifts and he didn’t really have a personality (in my opinion, but then again, those days were really busy and we didn’t have time to talk let alone eat lunch). So, I went to the breakroom to have my lunch, as I try to do, and he is sitting at the table watching sports. I don’t care because there is nothing on at 3:30 in the morning and I usually zone out thinking while I eat. He then mentioned something about football and I told him I had no clue about anything football related and he choked on his meal. He couldn’t believe a Texan didn’t know about football and I told him it was because it bored me and I was never able to watch a game. Suddenly, he spent then next 30 minutes telling me everything about football he could and made it sound tolerable (I now know what the entire offensive team does…apparently next time he’ll teach me defense). It was amazing how animated this guy became and he just went on and on (like I am now) about stuff that I didn’t care about (like I am now again XD!) but it was refreshing. And finally I saw a spark of life and I think his entire world does revolve around football because he always says when he gets stressed he asks, “What would Tom Brady do?” I really can’t mock him though because I have the same problem with knitting/spinning. And when I get frustrated at work, usually because when getting or moving patients around they get all the cords and wires tangled (how, I’ll never know) I view it as untangling my yarn and pts are amazed at how patient I am and that I can get everything completely detangled. I just grin and tell them it is easier than untangling my lace yarn. Which then opens a discussion about how I knit and having a spinning wheel and a cat. So many people know way too much about me… I really should talk less.

Later this evening I shall be posting some pictures of batts I’ve made and the package I received from my last malabrigo swap! (Yay to getting my camera functioning…granted, I’m still a bad picture taker but that can’t be fixed as easily!)


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