Its a good bad day…

Today was the last day of my three days off before the schedule from hell… which is why it was a bad day. I’m quite depressed that for the next few days, my life will be sucked away by work…Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday I have 12 hour shifts and lately none of us have been leaving till about 9:00 in the morning making it 14 hour shifts… so sad. But lets not dwell on this… instead, let us bask in lovely pictures that I promised I’d put up… I think I’ll split this post as well to make it not as long.

Here are some batts I made… now, I’m quite proud of myself for actually making these and I’ve actually spun up the crazy weird one this morning really fast…it came out cool! It is screaming to be a scarf…but I don’t have pictures of the yarn since it is drying right now so the colors are off…

This first one was an accident…that ended up pretty. I passed it through the drum carders 4 times in the end. The first pass I loved but I thought I should blend it more….then the second pass I didn’t like as much so I figured, heh lets blend some more! The third pass was a lovely silvery blue mass but the batts weren’t quite the same shade so the fourth pass blended them all together to get equal colors… The have silk, bamboo, wool (merino and mystery, mainly merino), glitz, shimmery nylon stuff, alpaca, llama, tencel… Some was hand dyed by me, others commercial dyed, others were handdyed from others…. I can’t wait to spin it. It is 4.5 oz of shimmery goodness…the pictures really don’t show the colors well, but what do you expect from a non picture taker like me?


The next is an eclectic 4.25 oz lovely crazy batt… I just picked random bits of junk from my stash…probably the same ingredients as the one above but didn’t pay attention to colors nearly as much…it was either going to be a disaster or lovely. As of this evening I decided it is lovely. On my wheel, I spun 130 yards of a single thick and thin that is sparkly, shimmery fun and the colors are just woah… so out there! I love it!


This one is a baby batt from the leftovers of that carding session…and look, I can spin on a spindle still! I split the baby batt into thirds and partnered it with some complementary scraps from Funky Carolina I got off etsy… (I totally thought I forgot how… ignore the randomness of the yarn on the spindle, I ended up making it two ply and it is an even worsted that is soft fluffy and twisted evenly…although I do need to spin the rest of it…)


Lastly is this colorful beast… it was another experiment but this one is actually getting mailed to someone else (sending as a part of the swap)… It is chock full of merino, alpaca, wool (of the mystery variety), multiple colors of glitz (hehe), that shimmery nylon stuff, tencel, silk, bamboo… And once again it is a mixture of hand dyed by me and other artists and some commercial dyed stuff… it is quite interesting and at 3 oz, it should be a nice addition to the package!


Haha! I’ve officially made a post with pictures related to knitting so yeah!


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