Malabrigo Swap part one…

This is my package I got from the last swap!!! I totally never posted the pictures and didn’t even post for three months! How not cool is that! It was lovingly given to me by IdaW from Ravelry…. and here is my original post about it:

Ok, so here’s what I got: two gorgeous things of malabrigo worsted one in Polygala (I’ve never seen this color ever and it is so perfect! It is a pinker purple and the variations in the skein are lovely and sigh so nice) and another in Purple mystery! (They go together so perfect and I love purple mystery! This purple mystery is a darker one than the ones I have a home…uber rich and so great next to the polygala!) I got bubble wrap! (Ok…so she used it to wrap and pack but still… I love bubble wrap and that in and of itself is great at relieving my stress right now XD). There is a magnetic notepad with and adorable sheep on it that I’m so going to use for planning my fiber things! This huge bag of cranberry black loose leaf tea that I’m so excited about! I love iced tea and love trying new types so this is great! It smells good too! There is a super cute mug that has a cool design like engraved on it. It feels really neat (I’m such a tactile person!) and lastly but not least, the most gorgeous knitting needles I own and love! They are in a lovely cotton case that is really cool because it has a little hanger on the back so until I get my knitting stuff completely moved in and organized in my room they are hanging up in my bedroom on my wall so I can show them off and gaze at them and then when I have time to knit in about a week, I’m so busting out a project to use them! They are 10.00mm and a lovely dark wood (I don’t know wood names but they are gorgeous). They have owls carved in the top which is like, the coolest thing ever! The owls are about an inch tall and they have such great details in the feathers, the claws, the face, etc. Truley an amazing piece of artistry! What a great one of a kind pair of knitting needles!! Plus, they are a great size for me… So pretty!

Ida, Thank you so much for the lovely present that came at the best time! I really needed something to get my mind off of my test for a while!

My I am a wordy gal! And now the long awaited pictures:

And a close up of the knitting needles:

Ida, thanks again so much!! By the way, I’ve been using the needles to make a blanket out of bulky scraps! It is so much fun!!


One response to “Malabrigo Swap part one…

  1. Get swap! You rock. I love my package. Thanks a ton! Kathy

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