Hmm…I should post

My brother was recently making fun of my night life style… he called me a stoner because I’m always sleeping during the day and when I’m awake (while he is awake) I’m still drowsy…etc. Well, last night totally justified this when I made my dinner…the best freaking macaroni and cheese in the world. I used bits of what my mom and grandma do and then added my own creative twists and holy cow, I’m awesome. There is a reason why I’m overweight hehe…I might just like this cooking thing I’ve always hated. This stuff was so heavy I could barely eat a small portion…then I fell asleep. It was nice. Granted I have a huge dish of it left over because I always cook too much and no one is home to eat it… oh well!

Now, what I was really going to post about was I must have been really stressed at work lately because I just spent way too much money on yarn/fibery goodness I don’t need but I’m uber excited about anyways! I bought from sheep shed studios, webs, 5 etsy people, and Eat Sleep Knits…also, I get paid today and I’m about to sign up for another swap tonight! Hurray! It is a good couple of days off XD

And last totally not related thing, I get to see Eddie Izzard live on Tuesday! And since my brother and I are no longer cheap, we got good tickets!


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