Dumb cat…

So, my cat likes to eat live plants…totally fine by me,  I’ve totally given up trying to protect her from eating this she shouldn’t. I find she learns if she eats something nasty once, she usually doesn’t do it again. Well, my mom recently decided to retire and her work gave her a bunch of flowers. Our house now has flowers in every room (kitty heaven). Each must be a different flavor because she is trying them all. Anyways, one is this huge bunch that is tall in a large vase. She obviously wanted to eat the flower at the top that looked different so she decided to climb on the vase to reach it and knocked it over. There was this huge downpour of water and we have a hardwood floor that is old and doesn’t like getting wet so I’m in this panic cleaning up this mess.

My cat was a bad kitty and I told myself the next time she was bad, I was going to force her to wear an outfit… Hehe, so I bought this adorable dog dress that is like a ballerina outfit. It is pink with a heart, it is sparkly, and has tulle! Needless to say, I thought it was so cute and worst case, the dog could wear it since they are the same size and the dog loves wearing clothes.

So, I got to the cat, and she knew something was up…so I tried to sneak it on her but I could never get her paws through…apparently dressing my cat is a two person job. But she didn’t attack or bite me which is a plus..apparently, I’m allowed to do anything to her, anyone else would have gotten bit. Heck, I was expecting a nice chomp out of my hand… It looked adorable what I did get on her but I couldn’t get a picture. I think if I had help to hold her while I got her paws through I could have done that so when the family gets back I’m so doing that.

The dog on the other hand loved the outfit! I put it on her and she pranced around the house like the girly girl she is… she was running and jumping and trying to attack the tulle which made her look like she was dancing. Then, when I go to take the picture she acts like a total tom boy and is attacking a bone without mercy and won’t drop the dang thing…so my pictures of her stink but still make me giggle. The best part though was the cat saw the dog with the outfit on and almost attacked her because she didn’t want the dog wearing her outfit, even if she couldn’t stand it. My cat is odd…but I love her.


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