A year later….

So I just got back (yesterday) from a cruise to Mexico with KANG (the knit at night guild) where I got to meet a ton of awesome knitters and Nicky Epstein! I then realized that I exchanged information with people, including my ravelry name, and from there they could possibly wander to my blog that has nothing on it. So, here is something! Once I’m done working this week I will work on putting up pictures, making copies of pictures for people, etc.  

As for the trip, it was amazingly fun on so many levels! My roommate was very cool and talented (she had all handknit socks with her and made this totally cool bag which I didn’t get pictures of.) I didn’t go outside for the majority of the cruise (my family was not surprised) and I learned quite a few new tricks (very cool). And I got a free book for being the youngest! The only problen is that I now I have the urge to knit up a bunch of random flowers despite the fact I don’t really have a purpose for them…(Anyone want any flowers?) Although I’m contemplating pulling out the crochet thread and making some jewelry since I do wear that…and I’ve also decided I’m going to spin up some yarn to make the Tuscan Scarf made out of the circle thingies (I forgot the name of it) and make my own beaded or sequin yarn since I’m too cheap right now to buy it. Plus, if I spin the yarn up, it is cooler and will definitely have personality. I just need to figure out if I want to do 100% tencel, silk, bamboo, or some other shiny fiber, or if I want to do a mixture of merino with the shiny… or if I want to do just merino… Or I could use my faux cashmere and dye it… It is so soft and wonderful… I wish I had bought more.

So till next time! Ciao!


One response to “A year later….

  1. Hi Kim! I’m the team leader for our Design team challenge at TGF! Please send me a message when you can at Grvychic8@aol.com. Then I will forward you everyones info. for our team! Can’t wait to work with you!

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