The Girl

I totally didn’t realize there was a blank template post here, so boring and not me! Now to describe me. My name is Kim, on ravelry I’m kimothyjones (feel free to friend me or message me, I love meeting new folks). Ravelry is the only online community I’ve been a member of in a while. I’m 21 years old and am single and I live at home. I work night shift as a registered nurse. I’ll be the first to admit, my life is pretty dull. (I mean, who honestly talks about their cat for an hour). But I like to tell stories about myself anyways and maybe someone will read it and get something from it (be it humor, disgust, sadness, whatever!) Also, I like to journal because it is a great stress reliever to just sit down and type about whatever is on my mind.

I make only one promise and that is that I will try not to mention my work here much. Nurses (and it starts in nursing school) have a different view of the world. Many of us have developed a horrible sense of humor regarding diseases, we have no queasiness talking about bodily fluids/projectiles while we eat, and we see germs and possible patients in everyone we look at. It can be a total buzzkill for the non medical people. Although people tend to find the crazy people stories and the gross stories fascinating.

I’ll make this page better one day but that is it for now.