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A year later….

So I just got back (yesterday) from a cruise to Mexico with KANG (the knit at night guild) where I got to meet a ton of awesome knitters and Nicky Epstein! I then realized that I exchanged information with people, including my ravelry name, and from there they could possibly wander to my blog that has nothing on it. So, here is something! Once I’m done working this week I will work on putting up pictures, making copies of pictures for people, etc.  

As for the trip, it was amazingly fun on so many levels! My roommate was very cool and talented (she had all handknit socks with her and made this totally cool bag which I didn’t get pictures of.) I didn’t go outside for the majority of the cruise (my family was not surprised) and I learned quite a few new tricks (very cool). And I got a free book for being the youngest! The only problen is that I now I have the urge to knit up a bunch of random flowers despite the fact I don’t really have a purpose for them…(Anyone want any flowers?) Although I’m contemplating pulling out the crochet thread and making some jewelry since I do wear that…and I’ve also decided I’m going to spin up some yarn to make the Tuscan Scarf made out of the circle thingies (I forgot the name of it) and make my own beaded or sequin yarn since I’m too cheap right now to buy it. Plus, if I spin the yarn up, it is cooler and will definitely have personality. I just need to figure out if I want to do 100% tencel, silk, bamboo, or some other shiny fiber, or if I want to do a mixture of merino with the shiny… or if I want to do just merino… Or I could use my faux cashmere and dye it… It is so soft and wonderful… I wish I had bought more.

So till next time! Ciao!


Hmm…I should post

My brother was recently making fun of my night life style… he called me a stoner because I’m always sleeping during the day and when I’m awake (while he is awake) I’m still drowsy…etc. Well, last night totally justified this when I made my dinner…the best freaking macaroni and cheese in the world. I used bits of what my mom and grandma do and then added my own creative twists and holy cow, I’m awesome. There is a reason why I’m overweight hehe…I might just like this cooking thing I’ve always hated. This stuff was so heavy I could barely eat a small portion…then I fell asleep. It was nice. Granted I have a huge dish of it left over because I always cook too much and no one is home to eat it… oh well!

Now, what I was really going to post about was I must have been really stressed at work lately because I just spent way too much money on yarn/fibery goodness I don’t need but I’m uber excited about anyways! I bought from sheep shed studios, webs, 5 etsy people, and Eat Sleep Knits…also, I get paid today and I’m about to sign up for another swap tonight! Hurray! It is a good couple of days off XD

And last totally not related thing, I get to see Eddie Izzard live on Tuesday! And since my brother and I are no longer cheap, we got good tickets!

Who really needs a paycheck?

So… I think I should just have part of my paycheck instantaneously go to etsy when I get it. There is something evil about that site! I go there just browsing and I end up buying things for myself and others that I don’t need but they are soooooo cool! Then I decide that I’m supporting independent artists so really, I’m doing a good deed and buying one more thing won’t hurt…it is a vicious cycle! I also bought some Craftyalien kits….the fox and the lobster. I’m knitting both, one will be a gift the other is for me.

The below is completely irrelevant to anything and may be boring: (I did warn you)

Ok so last night I was working and I have a new co-worker… I’ve worked with him about three shifts and he didn’t really have a personality (in my opinion, but then again, those days were really busy and we didn’t have time to talk let alone eat lunch). So, I went to the breakroom to have my lunch, as I try to do, and he is sitting at the table watching sports. I don’t care because there is nothing on at 3:30 in the morning and I usually zone out thinking while I eat. He then mentioned something about football and I told him I had no clue about anything football related and he choked on his meal. He couldn’t believe a Texan didn’t know about football and I told him it was because it bored me and I was never able to watch a game. Suddenly, he spent then next 30 minutes telling me everything about football he could and made it sound tolerable (I now know what the entire offensive team does…apparently next time he’ll teach me defense). It was amazing how animated this guy became and he just went on and on (like I am now) about stuff that I didn’t care about (like I am now again XD!) but it was refreshing. And finally I saw a spark of life and I think his entire world does revolve around football because he always says when he gets stressed he asks, “What would Tom Brady do?” I really can’t mock him though because I have the same problem with knitting/spinning. And when I get frustrated at work, usually because when getting or moving patients around they get all the cords and wires tangled (how, I’ll never know) I view it as untangling my yarn and pts are amazed at how patient I am and that I can get everything completely detangled. I just grin and tell them it is easier than untangling my lace yarn. Which then opens a discussion about how I knit and having a spinning wheel and a cat. So many people know way too much about me… I really should talk less.

Later this evening I shall be posting some pictures of batts I’ve made and the package I received from my last malabrigo swap! (Yay to getting my camera functioning…granted, I’m still a bad picture taker but that can’t be fixed as easily!)

I apologize

I totally apologize for my horrible grammar recently, the overuse of phrases (like now normally), the lack of punctuation, the poor content, lack of pictures, the clear misuse of “no” vs “know” (and other similar words: there/their),  and for too many …s and XDs 

I’m a broken record but I’ll try to be better, I swear… Crap, there I go again.

Yes, I realize I have no life

After this post, it will be official that I have no life out side of my cat and the malabrigo swap. And perhaps work. But honestly, nothing (thank goodness) has really happened that was exciting and finally the first funny thing to happen is something my cat did. And by now, if someone reading this blog doesn’t know I have a cat (which I talk about in every post I think XD, then they obviously haven’t read my drabbles). I really should name my cat for as much as I talk about her….

Anyways, I was sooooo excited today. I woke up and there was a package on my chair from Yarnzilla!!! Which means my malabrigo swap partner’s yarn arrived! It is very pretty yarn if I might say so myself but the colors don’t really go together in my opinion, but whatever! My partner wanted to see, she shall receive. So after my mom laughed at me for getting yarn in the mail and I spent an ungodly amount of money at (last purchase for a while, I swear!) I decided I should post here and say, I GOT THE YARN! I was a bit on the sad side that I had no crazy anecdotes of something cool I did when my cat crawled on me and started to suffocate me again. This time though she took it a step further and decided to sleep where my mouse is…now normally this is ok since I love keyboard short cuts and don’t use the mouse much if I can help it but I haven’t learned shortcuts to switch tabs on IE 7 so… I was stuck on a stupid forum page and I couldn’t get off.

Now, normally, the cat on the mouse would be fine but she was sleeping and it was all the way under her chunky self…so I had to go under the beast. Needless to say, the beast wasn’t happy and started to bite thinking it was a fun game (her tail is still wagging (or whatever it is cat tails do when they get all excited) I think she assumes typing is another fun game because it looks like she is about to pounce on my hands (I really should set up boundaries for the beast). So I planned my attack to get the mouse carefully and I finally got it with a mere 3 bites (no bloodshed) when the mouse lites up because it is in the air. Suddenly, the cat gets uber excited and starts ferociously attacking the mouse and trying to eat it (very ironic and not surprising). I finally got it back to the table where the light shut off and now she is just watching everything.

Wow, kind of embarrassing that I could go so far into detail about something that took place over a couple of minutes. And truely, that was the most exciting think I’ve done in a while. (With the exception of work….work is always exciting. I have seen so much since I graduated, I’m just amazed. I’m always freaking out though since I’m new, granted my patients and co workers haven’t figured that out yet.)

Um…and to make this slightly relevant, I have knit one dishcloth recently and am about to begin another? Heh, that sounded so weak. I might do a contest soon though. I figure the odds of someone winning are excellent since only one person seems to go here. I really just have this urge to send yarn or fiber to someone in the mail for no reason whatsoever.

Gah! My annoying beast!

So… I was all thrilled that I was going to post again when I hear a scratching… it happens again…and then there was shaking and a loud Meow right in my ear… then a beast rubbing against the back of my head who than proceeds to sit on my shoulder like a parrot. This cat was never meant to do that… she is a chunky munchkin… which makes her dense. Well, it must not have been comfortable for her either so she decides to try to get on my chest and proceeds to make the keyboard have tons of beeps and I’m furiously trying to be quiet since everyone else is sleeping. Stupid kitty… then she finally gets comfortable and now we are at a point where I’m laying back in the desk chair, she is sleeping and getting angry at me typing… Granted, I’m only able to type because I learned in gradeschool since her huge body makes it so I can’t see the keys nor can I move my arms much… just my right arm. My left arm is falling asleep because she is a beast.

Now, if you read the above, I apologize, I tend to rant stupid stories that no one really cares about.

Anyways, so I woke up this evening at my usual don’t have to go to work time and so much has changed! Apparently, we are getting a brand new uber cool fridge/freezer and get this! The folks listened to the renter (my) request! We are so getting one with a ice thing and a water thing on the door! I don’t even no the term but it is so cool! They are getting a fancy smancy one, totally awesome! Also, they actually checked the mail for once *gasp* and the first of many packages with gifts for my swap person arrived!! I’m quite excited because I think with every gift for my person, I bought myself something too so it is way too much fun. 

I’m currently trying to figure out how to be more artsy and craftsy with for some things in the swap. I like to make and do art, but I’ll admit, I kind of suck at it. Sure my mom loves everything I do and my friends all go “That is way cool!” but they are being polite. I can tell. I’m mainly having problems trying to figure out how I want to do packaging and wrapping for some things. I’ll figure it out eventually, but still… I love sending presents but I hate sending things that don’t look cool or fun to unwrap. I’m even thinking about pulling out my sewing machine for this swap to see if I can make one last thing…who knows, I may find that I can sew straight! Hah! I can’t even cut straight (but please, if you ever see my mother walking around, don’t tell her if her hair is wavy…she had me trim it the other day and I think I did it straight but at first I had a definite slope going. I think it is ok now though.) for pictures of the beast, known as kitty (since I never did get around to naming the poor spoiled rotten thing), I had on my computer:

3 months

Ok, so it has been three months…but I’ll admit, I was actually busy and doing stuff in that three months. Work wise, I passed boards making me an official RN and I’ve been cut off orientation so I’m all by myself in the dark scary workforce. (It really can be terrifying). I also am now on night shift which means on days off like today, or rather nights off, I can get extremly bored. I should clean but nah… I have decided to spin, knit play on ravelry, buy stuff, watch television. Needless to say, I will probably be posting more here to do something in the future. Problem is, I need a new camera or somehow need to figure out how to take better pictures with mine. I’ve been trying to take a good picture of one thing for like a month and I guess I’m just stupid.

So I know  the real question is, why am I on this thing after three months….what spurred it on. Surely it wasn’t just boredom. Well, it is that time of year again…SWAP TIME! MWAHAHAHA! I love swaps… I should probably just from now on join swaps year round so my blog is always used. I’m once again uber excited and I already spent a bit more than I meant to on my partner because well… I don’t pay attention as I’m buying and then all the sudden I see the total and I’m already committed but dang!

Anyways…this was totally uninformative (sorry swap person) but hey, at least I posted! THat is one step in the rightish direction!