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Malabrigo Swap part one…

This is my package I got from the last swap!!! I totally never posted the pictures and didn’t even post for three months! How not cool is that! It was lovingly given to me by IdaW from Ravelry…. and here is my original post about it:

Ok, so here’s what I got: two gorgeous things of malabrigo worsted one in Polygala (I’ve never seen this color ever and it is so perfect! It is a pinker purple and the variations in the skein are lovely and sigh so nice) and another in Purple mystery! (They go together so perfect and I love purple mystery! This purple mystery is a darker one than the ones I have a home…uber rich and so great next to the polygala!) I got bubble wrap! (Ok…so she used it to wrap and pack but still… I love bubble wrap and that in and of itself is great at relieving my stress right now XD). There is a magnetic notepad with and adorable sheep on it that I’m so going to use for planning my fiber things! This huge bag of cranberry black loose leaf tea that I’m so excited about! I love iced tea and love trying new types so this is great! It smells good too! There is a super cute mug that has a cool design like engraved on it. It feels really neat (I’m such a tactile person!) and lastly but not least, the most gorgeous knitting needles I own and love! They are in a lovely cotton case that is really cool because it has a little hanger on the back so until I get my knitting stuff completely moved in and organized in my room they are hanging up in my bedroom on my wall so I can show them off and gaze at them and then when I have time to knit in about a week, I’m so busting out a project to use them! They are 10.00mm and a lovely dark wood (I don’t know wood names but they are gorgeous). They have owls carved in the top which is like, the coolest thing ever! The owls are about an inch tall and they have such great details in the feathers, the claws, the face, etc. Truley an amazing piece of artistry! What a great one of a kind pair of knitting needles!! Plus, they are a great size for me… So pretty!

Ida, Thank you so much for the lovely present that came at the best time! I really needed something to get my mind off of my test for a while!

My I am a wordy gal! And now the long awaited pictures:

And a close up of the knitting needles:

Ida, thanks again so much!! By the way, I’ve been using the needles to make a blanket out of bulky scraps! It is so much fun!!


Its a good bad day…

Today was the last day of my three days off before the schedule from hell… which is why it was a bad day. I’m quite depressed that for the next few days, my life will be sucked away by work…Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday I have 12 hour shifts and lately none of us have been leaving till about 9:00 in the morning making it 14 hour shifts… so sad. But lets not dwell on this… instead, let us bask in lovely pictures that I promised I’d put up… I think I’ll split this post as well to make it not as long.

Here are some batts I made… now, I’m quite proud of myself for actually making these and I’ve actually spun up the crazy weird one this morning really fast…it came out cool! It is screaming to be a scarf…but I don’t have pictures of the yarn since it is drying right now so the colors are off…

This first one was an accident…that ended up pretty. I passed it through the drum carders 4 times in the end. The first pass I loved but I thought I should blend it more….then the second pass I didn’t like as much so I figured, heh lets blend some more! The third pass was a lovely silvery blue mass but the batts weren’t quite the same shade so the fourth pass blended them all together to get equal colors… The have silk, bamboo, wool (merino and mystery, mainly merino), glitz, shimmery nylon stuff, alpaca, llama, tencel… Some was hand dyed by me, others commercial dyed, others were handdyed from others…. I can’t wait to spin it. It is 4.5 oz of shimmery goodness…the pictures really don’t show the colors well, but what do you expect from a non picture taker like me?


The next is an eclectic 4.25 oz lovely crazy batt… I just picked random bits of junk from my stash…probably the same ingredients as the one above but didn’t pay attention to colors nearly as much…it was either going to be a disaster or lovely. As of this evening I decided it is lovely. On my wheel, I spun 130 yards of a single thick and thin that is sparkly, shimmery fun and the colors are just woah… so out there! I love it!


This one is a baby batt from the leftovers of that carding session…and look, I can spin on a spindle still! I split the baby batt into thirds and partnered it with some complementary scraps from Funky Carolina I got off etsy… (I totally thought I forgot how… ignore the randomness of the yarn on the spindle, I ended up making it two ply and it is an even worsted that is soft fluffy and twisted evenly…although I do need to spin the rest of it…)


Lastly is this colorful beast… it was another experiment but this one is actually getting mailed to someone else (sending as a part of the swap)… It is chock full of merino, alpaca, wool (of the mystery variety), multiple colors of glitz (hehe), that shimmery nylon stuff, tencel, silk, bamboo… And once again it is a mixture of hand dyed by me and other artists and some commercial dyed stuff… it is quite interesting and at 3 oz, it should be a nice addition to the package!


Haha! I’ve officially made a post with pictures related to knitting so yeah!

I actually won something!

Lovingly made by Lasdcm (that is her etsy shop which is the only link of hers I have. Warning: you may click and feel the sudden urge to buy….it happened to me) of ravelry, lovingly stolen with permission by me:

I’m one of those happy pessimistic people…. I’m always smiling, but on the inside the glass is half empty. I talk things down so as to not build too much excitement so that when the inevitable loss happens, it was expected. (Note: this is all on the inside, on the outside I still seem all SQUEE!) Now, when I started hat attack, I was excited. I figured I’d kill someone, be killed in turn and call it a day! When a month had passed and I was still in I figured, huh…I’ll be damned. Then, when the final 7 were posted and I was on the list, I went, “Holy crap!” Then, I started to let myself get a little excited… that maybe I could possibly win (Out of sheer luck).   Then there were 5, 4, 3, and finally 2. It was between me and VeryBadDogs. I was at a point where I could do nothing but wait and it was all based on the postal system… I allowed the smallest shred of hope and then VeryBadDogs announced her hat came and I allowed myself the whoop of joy! I don’t think I’ve ever won anything this cool in my life and I was just as proud to be in the final 7!

The next day I got my hat and was declared dead to end the war… and as a treat I have pictures of the hat that killed me:

First the package…yes, is it not totally awesome!!! Thanks VeryBadDogs!!! The pom pom is removable and I’m so wearing it both ways!!

Now Me wearing the hat…and one with the snout (I had one with the snout, hat, and eyes but it was downright creepy and slightly blurry so I deleted that one)

3 months

Ok, so it has been three months…but I’ll admit, I was actually busy and doing stuff in that three months. Work wise, I passed boards making me an official RN and I’ve been cut off orientation so I’m all by myself in the dark scary workforce. (It really can be terrifying). I also am now on night shift which means on days off like today, or rather nights off, I can get extremly bored. I should clean but nah… I have decided to spin, knit play on ravelry, buy stuff, watch television. Needless to say, I will probably be posting more here to do something in the future. Problem is, I need a new camera or somehow need to figure out how to take better pictures with mine. I’ve been trying to take a good picture of one thing for like a month and I guess I’m just stupid.

So I know  the real question is, why am I on this thing after three months….what spurred it on. Surely it wasn’t just boredom. Well, it is that time of year again…SWAP TIME! MWAHAHAHA! I love swaps… I should probably just from now on join swaps year round so my blog is always used. I’m once again uber excited and I already spent a bit more than I meant to on my partner because well… I don’t pay attention as I’m buying and then all the sudden I see the total and I’m already committed but dang!

Anyways…this was totally uninformative (sorry swap person) but hey, at least I posted! THat is one step in the rightish direction!


Ever had one of those days? The kind of day where you know you have tons to do but don’t do a thing…that was today. And heck, probably tomorrow XD! What I need to be doing is getting my butt in gear and studying for boards….what have I been doing? Well… I’ve been really good at casting on and off for projects! I made my swap partner a dishcloth that was an interesting idea. It had my first bobble and I did it crappily (in my opinion) so I just wasn’t happy. Needless to say, I cast on for a small scarf thing. More like an ascot (I think that is what they are called.) I saw it in their Ravelry queue so I made it for them in Malabrigo….As I was making it, I wasn’t quite sure what to think of it but to tell you the truth the thing grew on me. I now get why someone would make one. It is quick, cute, and took less than half of my ball of yarn. Not bad… so I think my swap package is complete. The only thing I don’t have in it is a pattern because I hate picking out patterns for people. What if they already have it or what if they don’t like it? It is a vicious cycle…

Other knitting things…. I’m almost done with my first sock for one of my test knitting project… I have such monster feet it is scary. I never realized how huge my feet were until I started making myself socks. Then the other pair I’m test knitting I got the yarn in the mail the other day. It is interesting…I’ve never used yarn with elastic in it and the texture is interesting. I’m working on the foot of that sock.

 Tomorrow I so need to work on school stuff…and do laundry. But I also need to spin up some yarn…. I guess I need to set priorities (yarn XD I mean, come on… It is for a birthday gift and I have a theme in my head and I need to get most of it done a month in advance so I don’t go all crazy).

Hope anyone who sees this has a good day! Ciao

Stuff I like…

I decided in case the person who has me needs to know more about me because I was rather generic, I’d put stuff about me that I like here.

Colors: I love blues, greens, purples, browns, etc…basically cool and neutral colors. Those are my favorite! However I still love bright neon colors, rich jewel tones, earthy colors, heathered colors, and warm tones… there are few colors I don’t like. I also like colors that go together. Two of my favorite combos are red/white/black and then bright green/blue/pink/purple/black. I love those colors mixed together.

Animals: I love penguins. I’m a penguin freak… I don’t know when that happened but it did. I also love the weird animals of the world (hence why I have a munchkin cat). I like bats, flying squirrels, prairie dogs, chinchillas, alpacas, butterflies, etc. I also like those hairless cats… I think they are so ugly that they are adorable. I saw a picture of one hiding under a bed and it looked like an evil gremlin… I really wanted to buy it but $950 for a cat is a bit much. Mine was free so my munchkin will do for me XD

Things that make me smile: a great shopping trip, getting mail (any kind), being able to find exactly what I want in my room, fanfiction, tv shows, watching movies, playing with animals

Favorite things to knit: really complicated patterns, toys, scarfs, hats, mittens, I like socks, lace etc… I don’t make many garments because they would be huge and since a goal of mine is to lose weight, they wouldn’t fit for long anyways thus making it a waste… then again, I could just make it a size or two small and work to wearing it.

Things I collect: Trolls (yes those old dolls with the hair… I’ve had them for ages…and many of them), bobble heads (I don’t know how that one started….), yarn, trashy romance novels, DVDs (I love movies!), TV Series (I have over 20 seasons of shows….maybe over 30 seasons… I love sales, have I mentioned that?)

5 Things I couldn’t live without:

  • My Joss Whedon stuff (Covers Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Firefly, Serenity *sigh* I love Buffy and Spike)                                             
  • BBCAmerica (Why don’t I live where the good shows are? Yay Doctor Who and Torchwood and Robin Hood and My Family and Catherine Tate and and….)
  • My Family and friends (includes pets of course… and no this list isn’t in the right order I realize this)
  • Fanfiction and Fanart (Where all my dreams can come true…It is a sad addiction but makes me smile)
  • Music (I love music… I love any music… I love hearing new music, old music, sad music, fun music. Songs with words or instrumentals… My style is very eclectic and I’m always up for new things. )

Number one thing I type:   …I mean really…as if you didn’t notice the ab1undance of …

 Favorite Fiber: Toss up… I love Merino, Alpaca, Silk, Bamboo, Tencel blends… Yummy

That should help my partner XD

Ah ha!

The beeping stopped!!!! Hallelujah, praise the Lord! Granted, I never figured out what it was nor am I fully convinced that it is over. With my luck tomorrow it will start again.

On a more knitterly front, I got a package today…. yummy yarn I ordered, granted, not what I was expecting, but yummy all the same. It reminded me that I have to go to the yarn store tomorrow (aw, damn XD). I need to get the rest of my malabrigo swap person’s present. I think I have the yarn covered, but want to look into getting some notions or something. Then I have to go to a store to buy stuff to make the present pretty and fun. I love making gifts… bad thing is I spend way more time and effort than I should. I swear that I’ve stalked my person for days now… I read his or her entire blog since he or she started it. I think I’ve found a couple of ways to make the swap more personalized and meaningful, I hope. My biggest concern is that I can’t find a pattern that I necessarily think he or she will enjoy with the yarn and I have no clue what notions to buy if any. I’m utterly stupid. This person seems really cool though and I’d love to meet him or her in person some day. The blog was a great read and there were some posts where I was just like, “Holy crap you are a cool person”. *Sigh* I’m not that cool.. I’m rather boring. I can sum up my life in less than a paragraph and it would be pretty complete. (Granted, if you were to talk to me in person I could go on and on about myself and my adventures. I’m a great story teller, I have hand gestures and everything!) I haven’t done much yet either. Then again, I’m a young one so hopefully I have a while to fix that!

 I just realized that I’m about to have to grow up… I start a real job on Monday. That kind of sucks. On the bright side though, I’ll have a paycheck! Sweet!